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Robotic Cutting

Why Use a Robotic Cutter?

Should you ever find yourself in a situation where your drainage is blocked with tap roots, concrete or other seemingly immovable obstructions, the robotic cutter can cut and remove these issues from the sewer. The cutter is equipped with its own camera head to monitor the cutting of the materials and ensuring precision cutting each time.

Cutters also work in tandem with UV lining and CIPP lining installation teams. Once a liner installation has been completed, any lateral connections then become a priority, to reopen and restore the flow to connecting properties.

Once these links to the main trunk have been re-established, we can then verify the route with photographic images and video evidence, reassuring our clients that we have completed the works with our aftercare survey package.

The robotic cutting unit is also available as a standalone service, it can be used in several ways, including:

  • Removal of roots.
  • Removal of mass concrete.
  • Removal of steel reinforced bars.
  • Removal of lateral connections.
  • Removal of steel intruding connections.
  • Removal of lateral encrustations.
Robotic Cutting

Picote Cutter

Our Picote Maxi Miller a different type of cutter with a high-speed cleaning in pipe sizes from 70mm – 300mm. It is suitable to undertake all tough challenges to remove heavy build up from scale, root ingress, concrete, oil, fats, grease and CIPP lining re-opens. Using a wide range of Twister heads, sanding heads, cleaning brushes, cleaning chains, and cutting heads, making easy work of the task at hand.

The Maxi Miller can be used portable away from vehicle due to a 2-way wheel system it can be moved with rear wheels and side wheel giving it range to access different areas, meaning we can provide our client with an all-round service.

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