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Domestic Services

At Team Drainage UK we help all our customers with a wide range of domestic issues, with any problem that could occur, we will be there solve the problem.

Septic Tank Clean

If your property isn't connected to the main drainage network and have a Septic tank in the boundary. We can remove the foul waste from the tank and give the tank a cleanse from above. All the waste will be disposed of at water boards treatment centres across the UK.

Domestic Services
Domestic Services

Pre House Sale CCTV Survey

Team drainage UK can carry out a pre-CCTV survey of your house if you are a seller or a buyer to survey the drainage system around the property to make sure the systems are in good working condition and can provide a detailed report on all the findings.

Domestic CCTV Survey

If your property has a sewage smell or re-occurring issue we can provide a CCTV condition survey to see what could be causing the problem from cracked pipes, displaced joints, or tree roots intruding into the system. By carrying out the survey we will provide a remedial list of problems and the best option to stop and solve the issue.

Property Blockages

From time to time blockages at properties can occur for many different reasons, should you ever find yourself with a blocked sink, toilet and manhole at the property we can assist 24 hour 7 days a week clear and restore the flows.

  •   Blockage Tip
    One of the main reasons we find resulting in Blockages is wet wipe and baby wipes this is due to the wipe don’t breakdown like toilet paper will when flushing the toilet. Once its in the pipes the wipe will not clear, resulting in the foul waste building up at the point resulting in a blockage.

There are approximately 300,000 sewer blockages a year, caused by wet wipes, so always think "Don't flush it Bin it"

Domestic Services

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