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CCTV Investigation

CCTV Drainage Surveys

A difficult problem with drains is you can’t see what condition they are currently in or if a problem could occur until it's too late.. With the use of a CCTV drainage camera we can identify the condition and any potential problems.

Here at Team Drainage Uk we use Zone 1 Atex rated equipment this means the survey can completed safely on the system In the most Dangerous situations, meaning you'll be safe hands knowing the survey will be complete to a high standard.

All our CCTV surveying unit have the accessibility to go portable in difficult to access areas to complete the CCTV drainage Surveys, using a battery packed trolley.

CCTV Investigation
CCTV Investigation

How Does a CCTV Work?

The CCTV survey is carried out using a remote controlled crawler or a push rod system by one of Team Drainage UK highly trained engineers, that will survey the drainage asset by monitoring the live video feed and reporting structural conditions or damaged with in the system.

All manhole detail will be in put into the survey for example depths, pipe size and pipe materials. On request we can complete a ST25 manhole which will give you further information on the manhole for example steps, shaft size, chamber size, incoming and outgoing pipe to give you a full over view of the manholes conditions.

Once the CCTV drainage survey has been completed on site, this will then go through our quality check procedure and final report will be loaded onto a web based network for you to access. From our web base you will be able to download the full project from the link but on request we can also provide hard paper copies of the survey with a USB for you records.

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