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Pipe Relining

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For many different reasons, whether that be root ingress, age, ground movement or simply bad workmanship, drainage can become damaged over time.

In the past, the most conventional method was to excavate and repair or replace any defective drainage. But this is often slow and complicated.

At Team Drainage UK we offer No Dig Technology in various methods of pipe lining. From small, localised patch liners to full length UV liners, Team Drainage UK are specialists in all lining installations.

Pipe Relining
Pipe Relining

UV Lining

UV lining is used extensively throughout the water industry. Predominantly on public sewers or longer pipe lengths, usually between two access points. The liners are made to measure and pre-impregnated with a specialised, light reactive resin. They are available in various thicknesses to suit the requirements of the installation.

In most instances the liner can be in situ and completed within a day, making it a more efficient and cost-effective method to use.

Patch Lining

Patch liners are used for localised singular defects, such as cracks and holes. The whole process is carried out on site by one of our CCTV Units.

The pipe is pre-CCTV surveyed to locate the defects. The liner is then cut to size and impregnated with resin. This is then pushed down the pipe to cover the defects, wrapped around an inflatable packer which is inflated to the pipe diameter. This is left to cure in place, deflated once cured and removed leaving a smoothly finished, like-new pipe surface.

Pipe Relining
Hole in the Pipe Before
Pipe Relining
After the Patch Line Repair
Pipe Relining

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