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Jetting & Vacuumation

Jetting & Vacuum Units

Blocked drainage can cause endless issues, but at Team Drainage UK we have the units to assist your requirements.

We believe having the right equipment and up-to-date technology is critical to providing the best service and achieving the best results for our clients.

Whether this be a small domestic issue, or a larger-scale environmental incident. Team Drainage UK have the experience and equipment to be the resolution for you.

Jet Vacs

Our Jet Vac Units can jet to pressures up to 140 Bar (2031 PSI) which are capable of removing blockages and debris from various sewer sizes. The jet Vac unit also has a practical movable partition which divides it into two flexible compartments that change size as you jet and vacuum, keeping the water and sludge separated at all times.

Jetting Van Unit

Our Small jetting van is great for domestic property blockages in smaller pipe sizes. The Jetting Van is equipped with specialised tools to remove the more difficult blockages in toilets and sink plumbing. The unit has the capability to reach pressures of up to 138 Bar (2000psi) through its 80 metres of jetting hose to access around buildings. The unit is also self-sufficient, it has its own onboard 250 Litres (55 Gallons) water tank, making it a more convenient option when in restricted or hard to access areas.

Jetting & Vacuumation
Jetting & Vacuumation

Gully Units

What is a gully? Well, a gully is found at all different locations, to collect rainfall from road, paths and around properties. The most common gully you will see is at the roadside to prevent the road from flooding.

Using our gully Jet Vac, we would vacuum the waste from the gully pot and jet the outlet pipe to clear debris and silt from the line that could cause a blockage. Once we have successful cleared the gully line, we would flush the gully pot with water and the leave the pot to the correct water level.

De-silting Project

We recently undertaken work for a local council that was having issues with a flooded road, every time rain fell the road became a lake. On investigation of the issue we located a unmapped culvert that was collecting all the rainwater from the gullies in the area. After being tasked with the job of clearing the culvert of all the debris our Team began the cleaning process using our Jet Vac unit to de-silt the culver, ready for the CCTV team to complete the Condition survey. From the photos below it turn out very successful and no more flooding the road.

Before Cleaning
Jetting & Vacuumation
During Cleaning
Jetting & Vacuumation
After Cleaning
Jetting & Vacuumation

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