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Team Drainage capitalised at the early stage of the business the importance of having a single point of contact throughout the entire survey process. From the moment you contact the Team, you will be assigned to a Team member to manage your project from start to finish. From the quotation stage, survey progress & site feedback, your dedicated project manager will be your sole point of contact, keeping you informed throughout every stage of your survey. If any issues arise during the course of your survey, your Personal Project Manager is here to help and keep you informed every step of the way. For optimum efficiency and value for money, we feel our PPS is a scheme you can trust!

One Contract, one Contact!


Our USP is combining multiple surveys from one unit, for one cost. This can consist of Topographical and GPS surveys being completed by the same team that’s carrying out the drainage survey. We feel this is necessary in order for all accurate information to be collated on the day rather than returning to site a few days later. With a different survey team and limited information from the previous days’ activity. Communication is essential in obtaining what the clients want and we feel this service will only strengthen that. Due to this combination of surveys, this helps us cut costs back which we then pass on to you, the client. We are the only UK Based company that is able to offer this type of multi survey service. Combined with our in house CAD department to complete the surveys, we really are a one stop shop for all your needs!


Team Drainage are proud to announce they have teamed up with Mini Cam and are able to offer one of the safest Drainage CCTV crawler units in the country. With the changing of standards within the United Utility Region, Team Drainage have recently ordered the NEW ATEX rated PROTEUS CCTV unit. The PROTEUS ATEX crawlers have been engineered, built and tested for safe use in some of the most dangerous situations, without compromising on any of the features and benefits. With the ability to increase wheel size, lighting options and stability. Each survey, no matter what the size of the line will be centralised which in turn maximises the quality of the the information collated, which is then implemented into the CCTV survey report.

Following each survey Team Drainage will supply you with a full written report within the WinCan format and a DVD showing all the HD footage taken relating to a fully marked up site drawing. The new state of the art CCTV units carry four different cameras which enable us to survey lines from 100mm to 1400mm, all in HD. All of our engineers are trained to a maximum standard Ox19 (with many having a 0x21x standard) which allows us to survey and brick or concrete line to the highest degree. With 200m of cable length on each unit we are able to survey 400m from one point, increasing the productivity and output per shift. All the HD footage is uploaded onto the WinCan software which enables us to produce simple yet effective reports which include defect severity within a traffic light system so the report can be understood by first time viewers, but also captures in depth data that can be used by professionals.

Services we offer

  • CCTV Surveys
  • CCTV Float Surveys
  • CCTV Manual Entry Surveys
  • Pre & Post Adoption Surveys
  • Detailed Manhole Surveys
  • Sonar Surveys
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Drainage Connectivity Surveys
  • Maintenance Service Plans
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Drainage Mapping & Tracing


At Team Drainage, our vacuum and Jet Vac units include ‘Vactor’ Tankers which feature an unrivalled ability to cleanse pipes, sewers, manholes chambers and culverts from 400mm to 4000mm above diameters. With an 80 GPM flow at 2200 PSI, the jetting facility complements the suction to ensure that we are able to manage even the most daunting cleansing projects. The units are ideal for such tasks as gully cleansing, interceptor emptying, liquid removal and the cleansing of fat traps. All of which can be covered under one of Team Drainage planned maintenance schemes.

Services we offer

  • Drain and Site Cleaning
  • Utility Surveys
  • Blockage Removal
  • Maintenance Service Plans
  • Root Removal
  • ISO 14001 Management Plans
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Reactive Cover
  • De-scaling and Gully Cleaning
  • Interceptor Emptying
  • Concrete Removal
  • Topographical Surveys


A major part of our services is pipe maintenance and repair, either to fix existing problems, or to prevent them from developing in the first place. Our ‘no dig’ technology allows us to simply fix pipes and sewers from the inside in most cases, which means minimum disruption and maximum efficiency.


Patch repairs are carried out on individual defects that have been highlighted within the pipes. They are designed to provide a permanent and cost efficient fix with no need to carry out an excavation. With the remediation process for patching taking between 2-4 hours it is ideal for minimising disruption to the local environment as well as being more cost effective than a traditional excavation.


Team Drainage can provide full length repairs which are the best option when it comes to pipes which are structurally unsound throughout or contain multiple fractures. The liners are installed from above ground and cured through either air, water or ultraviolet light. Each full length repair is specifically designed and made for each individual line. Team Drainage are able to repair and remediate lines from 100mm diameter to 2000mm diameter. Once the repairs have been implemented we are able to reopen any connections and laterals with the use of ta state-of-the-art hydraulically driven cutting unit. Meaning that there is no disruption to the drainage running into the remediated sewer.


We pride ourselves on delivering quality services from start to finish on civil projects across a wide variety of sectors, with access to our own labour, engineers, site supervisors, plant & equipment, we are able to manage civil construction projects largely in-house which in turn allows us to offer a competitively priced, superior service to our clients on construction projects of any size.


With our emphasis being on integrated data collation from site to office. We thought it best practise to have our own in-house CAD department in order to keep the flow of error minimal throughout the data process application. Team Survey are able to produce a variety of digital drawings whether its 2D or 3D Topographical Surveys or REVIT & 3D models. We are able to produce the specification to your requirements. But above all it will be at a cost that suits your project. We are able to bespoke all our surveys to suit your requirements.


Team Drainage has vast experience of working in confined spaces and have performed confined space entries under the most hostile of environments. Clients can have the confidence that they are receiving a professional quality and safe service. Our Competent Trained Experienced teams are highly driven individuals who are at the forefront in their field. Team Drainage is proud to employ qualified surveyors, engineers, timed served search and rescue teams and experienced project managers with proven IOSH and NEBOSH Health & Safety accreditations also including the following:

  • Remote CCTV Examinations
  • Pipe Sewer Condition Classification to MSCC5
  • Brick Sewer Condition Classification to MSCC5
  • Accredited T98 Inspections – Asset Management
  • Structural Examiners Competency – STE 04
  • NEBOSH/IOSH Accredited Project Managers
  • Confined Space Techniques including High risk, Escape BA, Search and Rescue
  • Level 2 Award in Working in High Risk Confined Spaces: Water [6150-03]
  • Level 3 Award in Emergency Rescue and Recovery of Casualties from Confined Spaces: Water [6150-05]
  • Level 5 Award in Manage Work in Confined Spaces [6150-61]
  • EUSR Water Hygiene

Team Drainage Ltd are qualified to make your confined space, safe.


Here at Team Drainage we understand that capturing accurate current site data is vital to help prepare for site introduction. To help obtain this real time data, all our CCTV drainage engineers are trained in Theodolite and GPS methods giving us the ability to capture environmental updates and changes whilst carrying out a drainage survey.

Team Drainage also have a in-house CAD department to help digitise all platforms of services we offer.

This offering also helps keep communication high and errors low. Due to our in-house CAD services plus our new cloud based provider, we are able to deliver our high end service within a short time frame. We also have the ability to carry out full 2D and 3D Topographical Surveys and Utility Surveys from January 2020.

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